Biomimicry by Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse Respects and Reproduces Nature

 - Oct 12, 2011
References: & treehugger
Nature is a great inspiration for intricate and harmonious design, which leads a project like Biomimicry by Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse to embody an exquisite quality. In emulating the patterns of animals with raw material from the earth, this artist has come to create a compelling collection of fine fashions.

The triangular, diamond and hexagonal shapes that form each piece imitate the textures of snake and lizard squamae. The chips have come from discarded plywood, enhanced through the efficient technology of laser cutting. The designer's exceptional sewing skills enabled her to stitch each tiny plate together, constructing elaborately scaly wearable structures. Biomimicry by Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse explores the way that such fashionable cladding can be incorporated into garment detailing and entire articles of clothing.