Bleulab Reversible Jeans Can Be Worn Inside and Out

 - Jan 21, 2011
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These Bleulab Reversible Jeans might seem, at first glance, like just another pair of denim pants, but they are actually also the closest thing to any chameleon-like superpowers that you may ever get.

In fact, unlike your average run-of-the-mill pair of pants, these nifty creations feature two completely different color washes that you can switch wherever dressing room facilities exist, meaning that what was once your daytime casual pair of jeans can double as dressier nighttime pair at a dinner date or party. But just in case you were worried about the idea of a conspicuously bulky pair of double-layered jeans, Bleulab Reversible Jeans are in fact just one layer of denim instead of two. This makes them the perfect double agent for your dual-purpose clothing subterfuge exploits.