From Wood-Based Denim to Beer Bottle Jeans

 - Apr 22, 2014
This diverse range of Earth Day jeans will help ensure that your apparel reflects your passion for the environment without having to compromise style, comfort or your bank balance.

Manufacturers ranging from big-name clothing brands to smaller, independent labels are increasingly embracing eco-friendly materials and processes while manufacturing jeans and other clothing.

The methods used to create eco-conscious jeans are wide and varied. Some big-name labels are resorting to pulling plastic garbage out of the oceans and recycling it to create jeans. Others are focusing on using easily available organic materials such as wood-based fibers to reduce the carbon footprint and water wastage associated with jeans manufacturing. Some jean manufacturers have managed to set up factories that are ethical with regard to employment and environmental standpoints.

This explosion in eco-friendly jean offerings mean there are a wide variety of Earth Day jeans that you can wear to show your love for Mother Nature.