From Retro Ladylike Looks to Historical Menswear Shoots

 - Jan 24, 2013
These 50s fashion finds combines an eclectic number of photo shoots that highlight some of the most iconic styles of yesteryear. Each decade is asssociated with a specific set of styles with the roaring 20s giving way to flapper girl frocks and the 70s producing some bodacious looks, to name a few. With the 50s, a more conservative, all-American look dominated the scene with chic dresses and hairstyles that evolved into hip clothing cuts in the 60s.

The spirit of the 50s is alive in each of these style spreads that highlight not simply the clean-cut attitude, but also the underground rebel culture that would eventually evolve into the lax, hippy lifestyle. So, whether it's a poodle skirt or leather jacket, add a little 50s fashion flair for a chic throwback.