The Marie Claire Russia June 2012 Tatou Photoshoot is Chic

The Marie Claire Russia June 2012 'Belle Femme' photoshoot features the critically acclaimed French actress Audrey Tatou. Tatou has been known to steal audiences away in films like 'Amelie' and 'The Da Vinci Code,' enticing fans with her alluring accent. This editorial photographed by Shayne Laverdiere adds to her impressive career, this time taking on the chic world of 50s fashion.

The classic pieces displayed in Belle Femme were selected by stylist Lotta Volkova. Volkova's insight allowed Tatou to take on the essence of Audrey Hepburn here, replete with a beehive hairdo and classic knee-length skirts. The winged eye makeup sported by Tatou is consistent with the retro upper class appeal that oozes through this production, expertly finished by cosmetic artist Frederic Martin of the B4 Agency.