- Jan 9, 2015
These Elvis-inspired fashion examples range from retro rockabilly editorials to ad campaigns that are an androgynous homage to the late singer's pompadour hair style. Today marks the anniversary of Elvis Presley's birthday--which would have been his 80th--and is a celebration of the popular star's lasting impression on pop culture as a whole.

The Memphis-born 'King of Rock and Roll' died in August of 1977 but left a legacy that will not be surpassed by any star in today's generation. Elvis Presley is the inspiration behind this fashionable list and is a retro icon that continues to influence modern style and music industries.

Standouts from this list of Elvis-inspired fashion examples include Metal Magazine's tribute editorial that is captured by Paolo Zerbini. Though it displays modern menswear, the shoot's pieces embody a retro flair.

From Retro Rockabilly Editorials to Feminine Pompadour Shoots: