The Beauty Delux Marcin Biedron Photo Series is Androgynous Chic

 - Mar 9, 2013
The Marcin Biedron Beauty Delux photo series puts a gorgeous and androgynously dressed model front and center.

A mix of femininity and masculinity, the juxtaposing styles of the model make an impact on viewers. The makeup in the shoot was anything but subtle, with pink eyeshadow and eyeliner reminiscent of 60s beauty queens. The clothing used in the photos is strongly tailored, with high collars reminiscent of men's suit shirts. Contrasting this strong shape is bright colors like pink as well as colorful makeup to make the fashion stand out.

The hair in 'Beauty Delux' was styled by Marta Szotyńska, who gave the model a retro, pompadour-inspired style. The photo shoot stars young model Karolina Kołodzicka.