- Aug 1, 2014
Instant Polaroid photos are making a huge comeback in the fashion world thanks to apps like Instagram that are making it cool to take fleeting image photography. The retro look of Polaroids beautifully complements the revival of nostalgic 90s fashion crazes in the 21st century.

In the fashion industry it's common to see old-school trends make a stagnant comeback. While Polaroids went out of style years ago, they're making a comeback as consumers grow more and more intrigued with instant and disposable technology. In that regard fashion magazines are ditching fancy DSLR cameras for instant film to recreate the casual look of a Polaroid photo. These editorials look much more raw, unaltered and impromptu adding a laid-back antiquated look to modern garments and fashionable outfits. One great example is a series of Polaroids of flawlessly candid top models that recently surfaced.

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