The Helmut Newton Polaroids Book Offers a Behind-the-Scenes Look

 - May 27, 2011
References: taschen & hypebeast
Celebrating the iconic photographer and his many years of work is the Helmut Newton Polaroids book. Featuring behind-the-scenes images, the book offers an insider's look into the photographer's experiences.

With 224 pages, the Helmut Newton Polaroids book is filled with photos from the instant camera era. Instead of offering up the professional and Photoshopped images that we're used to nowadays, the book gives us polaroid test shots on the untouched and gritty side. These were the photos taken before the official shoot began; a method not used anymore because of digital photography. The Helmut Newton Polaroids book not only gives us an idea of the man behind the lens but also a rare glimpse into a time that not many of us have experienced.

For art fans and fans of his work alike, the Helmut Newton Polaroids book is a sure bet when it comes to capturing the essence of beauty.