From Ethereal Bridal Editorials to Double Entendre Advertising

 - Jan 30, 2013
These brazen boudoir photoshoots reveal a widespread fascination with in-bedroom imagery among teams of designers, make up artists and stylists. This follows up on the appealing sensual undertones that lurk behind the display of art deco furniture, chic beds and mirrored armoires.

Ethereal bridal editorials and double entendre advertising have been central to the publishing scene and to seasonal campaigns. Photographers Ellen Von Unwerth and Sergi Pons have added their expertise to the niche, speaking to its contemporary importance and to the way in which the industry's leading names have given their avid seals of approval.

While the lingerie showcased is for the most part minimal, revealing a great of skin, this has yet to take away from the display of current collections.