The Fashion Gone Rogue Karlina Caune Photos are Steamy

Sensual looks meet sophisticated style in the Fashion Gone Rogue Karlina Caune photoset, shot exclusively for the online fashion magazine. Lara Giliberto gets behind the camera for this luxurious hotel shoot, appropriately titled 'The 32nd Floor,' which shows the Latvian model playing the part of a sophisticated, yet seductive diva.

Decked out in the finest jewelry and apparel from top designers like Prada, Gucci and Versace, Caune is transformed into the perfect portrait of a femme fatale. Like a still taken from a 1950s film noir, the shots show the model looking incredibly cool and collected as she poses in bright-red lipstick with her cigarette. My favorite shots show Caune with the cityscape behind her, laying down before it like she's on top of the world.

The full Fashion gone Rogue Karlina Caune shoot is available for viewing on the fashion magazine's website and is the perfect source of inspiration for all your fall fashion needs.