- Jul 31, 2013
There’s something very alluring about magazine spreads showcasing models in sultry and intimate situations, and these steamy fashion editorials are some excellent examples of how designers are utilizing sexual references as a way to draw in new readers.

Romance and lust has always been a popular theme amongst movies and television shows, which is why these steamy fashion editorials have chosen to reference such aspects as love, sex and sensuality as a way to target a generation of readers who can relate to these themes. Showcasing models drenched in water, engaging closely with a male counterpart and posing provocatively in private bedroom settings, these steamy fashion editorials are bringing intimate themes to a much wider audience.

From steamy sailor editorials to sultry couple shoots, these steamy fashion editorials are bringing lust and passion back into mainstream couture.

From Steamy Supermodel Editorials to Steamy Hotel Room Shoots: