Going Mad by Dequeker and Mello Combines Sexiness and Vibrant Video Effects

Model Fernanda Tavares sizzles in the sensational Going Mad film by Jacques Dequeker and Marcos Mello. The clip is all about status and sex appeal.

The film takes on a fast-paced video shot effect with Tavares as its star and core focus. Tavares is caught in a dark series of different scenes, each with a unique set of costumes and video effects. The colorful video effects truly complement the sexiness of Tavares, as does the funky rock music by Nick Smith and Marcos Mello. Tavares is styled by Juliano Pessoa and Zuel Ferreira with an ultramodern touch found in masks, luxurious bikinis and rock 'n' roll-inspired accessories.

Above all, Dequeker and Mello’s film brings a sexy, colorful, fast-paced film technique that will certainly excite you.