From Trippy Tepee Ensembles to Mind-Altering Looks

 - Sep 8, 2012
The groovy 70s decade had a lasting effect, and these psychedelic fashion finds are a testament to the funky print's staying power.

It is evident that excessive print is a prominent recurring fashion favorite of the moment. The overwhelming amount of prismatic printed fashion has been seen on runways from Paris to New York. The hypnotic designs draw inspiration from the 70s era of kaleidoscopic visuals with a free-spirited disposition.

Lovers of the groovy era will be partial to the vast amount of trippy editorials, garments and ad campaigns that utilize the aesthetic to update the psychedelic style. New versions have been seen with bold lines and a mix of hippie with ├╝ber futuristic motifs. The print craze is here to stay, whether it be with vintage kaleidoscopic couture or even hallucinogenic wardrobes.