The Irek Kielczyk 'Illumination' Series is Layered With Light

Using digital photography, the Irek Kielczyk 'Illumination' Series resembles a set of paintings more so than photographs. The shoots were taken by the noted Warsaw-based photographer Irek Kielczyk. Being in the business for a long time, Kielczyk has become one of the top fashion and portrait photographers in Poland. As a veteran, he has worked alongside renowned photographers such as Bruce Weber.

In this series, Kielczyk uses techniques long exposure techniques as well as layering in order to create these dynamic captures. Despite being static, the over-layering in each shot fills the frame with movement. The aesthetics of series have a fanciful joie de vivre to them, from the playful color choices to Kielczyk layering techniques.

After starring into these blurred abstractions, one can understand why Kielczyk entitled the series 'Illumination.'