From Neon Nightlife Editorials to Illuminated Sci-Fi Ads

 - Dec 9, 2014
These polychromatic photography examples range from neon nightlife editorials to illuminated sci-fi campaigns that boast otherworldly imagery. Standouts from this list of eye-catching examples include punk and grunge-themed photoshoots that highlight blue-haired beauty looks.

These blue hairstyles are not only eye-catching on their own but are enhanced with color-lit filters. The result is a captivating and visually striking photo series that is far more intriguing than a monochromatic shoot. Other memorable examples from this list include futuristic face paint ads and submerged landscape photography that features vibrantly painted overlays.

Overall, these polychromatic photography examples draw a viewer in with bursts of multiple hues. Whether using colored lighting or filtering techniques, artists are able to manipulate their works in order to create more captivating imagery.