From Bubblegum-Haired Shoots to Dramatic Pink Hairdos

 - Aug 20, 2013
Pink hairstyles are definitely out of the ordinary, yet when photographed for editorials or magazine covers, pink definitely makes a statement and catches people's attention.

Using props, photographers have managed to tie in the pink hair theme to be the focal point of attention. For example Natalia Vodianova posed for W Magazine with pink hair. Inspired by cotton candy, she is surrounded by little pink balls. To change the sweet and innocent image that the color embodies, the Charlotte Free x Naked But Safe Fall 2011 editorial shows Charlotte Free lying on the road in black clothes with added rose hues for contrast.

The pink hairstyles are very much inspired by rocker-punk style, along with '80s inspiration like Hailey Clauson rocking a pink beehive.