Cheeky Axe Ads are Naughty and Nice at the Same Time

 - May 18, 2009
References: adsoftheworld
Axe is promoting their Axe Day & Axe Night deodorant by showing that one is suitable for general audiences, while the other one is not.

The idea is communicated by having one copy on each ad that takes on a different meaning when attached to the ‘thought bubble’ of the man and the woman.

For example, "On the bed or on the boudoir?" is perfectly fine when said by the hotel’s luggage carrier. However, it takes on a scandalous meaning when said by the woman looking at the bellman.

Another example is "I shaved for today." The copy is natural for the balding guy with the shaved head who’s enjoying his date with a beautiful woman. However, when that statement is made by the woman, it is something else entirely!

The last ad uses the copy "Finally! My fingers are burning," with a pizza delivery guy who can’t wait to let go of the hot box and the woman who ordered the pizza and can’t wait to get her fingers on him.

The witty ads were photographed by Martin Sigal for Ponce, Buenos Aires, Argentina.