From Chaotic Couture Editorials to Nail-Biting Celebtography

 - Mar 8, 2013
These funky Purple Fashion photoshoots were produced by the France-based publication. The magazine has been host to an impressive variety of in-vogue motifs via its quarterly release of Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer issues.

Present within some of the latest Purple Fashion editorials have been chaotic couture editorials and nail-biting celebtography. These artistic productions come of its collaborations with a series of high end models, most notably among them being Cameron Russell, Chiara Clemente and Hilary Rhoda. Celebrities have also taken up keen interest in the history and current significance of Purple Fashion as the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Terry Richardson and Diane Von Furstenberg have partnered up with the editorial team, giving rise to coveted pop cultural features.