Shutterbug Captures Inspired by The “Fake” Bachelorette

 - Sep 29, 2012
It’s rumored that former contestant Emily Maynard is The "Fake" Bachelorette, as her and her token fiance Jef Holm are having a relationship staged for the lingering cameras of the stalky paparazzi.

Paparazzi are notorious for starting scandals and are always poking their noses in other people’s business; however, you can’t have fame without intrusive flashing cameras. These stalker photoshoots take advantage of the hold paparazzo photographers have on the media. Some shoots are staged to look like the models are caught completely off-guard while they radiantly bend over a toilet seat and gasp at the sudden intrusion. Others depict models casually walking down the street and being bombarded by an ongoing onslaught of photo takers.

Whether the fake Bachelorette relationship is true or not, Emily and Jef gained some great photos for their scrapbook.