- Feb 2, 2014
As clothing became less intricate and more polished, hair trends of 2013 showed more elaborate, eccentric styles to provide balance to the overall aesthetic of the past year's fashionista.

Coifs became a true means of expression this year, with everything from animal-printed tresses to frizzed-out locks dominating the runway. Few of the standard preppy, polished ponytails of catwalk's past were observed; instead, they were replaced by dark, hard-lined, borderline-Gothic styles.

Off the runway, the DIY hair tutorial wave of 2012 raged on in 2013, except with more of a focus on customization than frugality. Burgeoning beauty enthusiasts experimented with at-home haircuts, net-like intricate styles, hair-made flower crowns and mermaid waves as far as the eye could see.

If you're looking to comb through the tangle that is the hair industry, our Hair Trend Report is sure to provide some insight.

From Outrageously Animalistic Coifs to DIY Haircuts: