This Fashion Photography Series Has Fun with Hair Flipping

The fashion photography series 'Hysteria Float' by Margarida Viegas is a collection of fun, hair-flipping portraits. These fashionable captures look like they were taken on a windy day, or maybe just in front of a powerful fan. In one of these wind-blown photographs, a model actually achieves lift off.

These stunning photographs feature beautiful, high-class women draped in colorful, elegant clothes and dripping with bling. What’s most interesting about these classy pictures is the way the models are whipping their hair around, like head-banging concert-goers. This adds an intriguing, lively element to what would have already been some stunning photographs.

The way these gals jump around and flip their long locks gives these lovely captures a flirty feeling. Margarida’s playful series Hysteria Floats combines luxurious fashion with fun, confident women.