This Leather Pony Mask Demonstrates Stylish Apocalypse Fashion

 - Jun 14, 2013
References: etsy
The Apocalypse Leather Horse Mask is a fashionable way to pay tribute to the apocalypse. The mask is made completely of high-quality leather, except for the mane, which drapes over the top of the mask with a free-spirted flow.

The mask embodies several demonic qualities that many people might associated with the apocalypse. First of all, the pony mask has two twisted horns jutting from its front. These horns seem to cater to demonic culture and apocalypse lovers. In addition to the horns, the mask features prominent, slanted eyeholes. These eyeholes look narrowed and evil, glaring out at viewers even without a wearer.

Zombie and apocalypse culture has been growing for the past couple of years, with many people buying zombie- or apocalypse-themed outfits, accessories and even food. This horse mask is one of the most intense apocalypse-inspired fashion pieces ever created. Whoever wears this elaborate mask will definitely strike fear into the hearts of men and women.