How To Spend It 2013 Showcases Past Hairstyles & Fashions

Samantha Gradoville models a series of modernized retro looks (and hair-dos) for How To Spend it October 2013. In terms of her coiffures, Gradoville sports a tight, pin-curled brunette look, voluminous auburn curls, platinum pixie-cuts, sculpted brunette bobs and larger-than-life lavender-gray blowouts, all styled by the extremely talented Shlomi Mor.

In terms of the fashion, Damien Fox put Gradoville in a series of sophisticated, womanly looks: luxe off-the-shoulder fur and elbow-length gloves, a voluminous, pleated floral skirt with a matching trench coat and bustier, and many sculptural, shapely dresses. The looks were accessorized with floral retro frames, polka-dotted scarves, caplets, silhouette-enhancing belts and a variety of bags – from a sleek clutch to a crocodile handbag.

The end result is a photo-shoot that appreciates and embraces the silhouettes, textures and patterns of the past.