Madame Peripetie Photography is Magic Come to Life

 - Jan 10, 2013
References: cargocollective & trendland
Madame Peripetie's photography is enchanting and manifests surreal scenes exploring imagination and the absurd. Madame Peripetie is a talented Polish conceptual artist, stylist and director. She partnered up with stylist Stella Gosteva and make-up artist Marina Keri to create 'Dream Sequence.' It is a majestic glimpse of genius.

The photographs are wildly outlandish and force the viewer to concoct their own opinion and interpretation of each shot. The subjects of the photo series are characters and the extravagant outfits, make-up and accessories allow you to develop a story and attachment to these wonderfully bewitching subjects. Fabulous and breathtaking photographs include an extremely pale goddess with white blonde locks dressed in a structured strapless number with a floral headdress on.

Madame Peripetie's photography is lavish, imaginative and engages the audience to wander through conception.