- Nov 10, 2014
It might have been reported this past weekend that a certain child actor had passed away, but this collection of Macaulay Culkin finds celebrates the fact that it was all a hoax. That's right. The 'Home Alone' star and current musician is alive and well, to the relief of his fans around the world. Although it is only natural that some people might have been worried after his longtime girlfriend, Mila Kunis, gave birth to Aston Kutcher's baby.

These Macaulay Culkin finds will take people's minds off such negative ruminations. Full of fun products and photoshoots including a phone case covered with his iconic mug and to an all-pug cast recreating scenes from his most famous movie, these Macaulay Culkin finds are at times fashionable and always bizarre.

From Pop Culture Tees to Famous-Faced Phone Cases: