The Face Magazine Archive Highlights Gritty Publishing Swag

When the Face Magazine was established in 1980, it immediately changed the face of publishing directed at young consumers -- now, 31 years later, the Face Magazine archive is allowing a new generation of consumers to appreciate and chart the impact it made.

Launched by English journalist and publisher Nick Logan, the Face Magazine was one of the first youth-orientated lifestyle magazines that sought to cover art, music, movies, fashion, and club culture with the kind of journalistic zeal typically reserved for much more "serious" matters.

The Face Magazine archive allows viewers to dive into the history of the magazine, which, when launched, broke ground by inventing the template by which numerous subculture magazines (Dazed & Confused, i-D Mag, Vice) have run with in the last two decades.

My favorite part about the Face Magazine archive is looking through the old covers and seeing the kind of edgy photography of a previous generation's hottest young celebrities. One cover features a 15-year-old Kate Moss, another features Naomi Campbell in her youthful prime. My favorite cover from the Face Magazine archive, however, features the (mostly) reclusive child star Macauly Culkin, mid-spit while looking up at the camera with a facial expression that is equal parts disdainful, dismissive, and alluring.

The image captures the Face Magazine in the way it is best remembered by former fans and the countless journalists, writers, and photographers it has influenced -- jarring, aggressive, and memorable.