- Jul 22, 2013
Unlike free-standing photoshoots, bed-set editorials give off a comfortable vibe. Staged with cushiony mattresses with or without pillow and covers, these captures bring out the relaxed and sometimes lazy side of their models. Of course, a lot of these shoots are lingerie ads; the bed is a popular set for bringing out the inner vixens of underwear models.

While most bed-top shoots involve just one scantily-clad model, others add multiple people for a more dynamic photoshoot. Skating apparel brand Benny Gold's campaign focuses on two models who are sisters, Justene and Dawn Jaro. While a bedroom shoot with one person is more comfortable, relaxed and serene in ambiance, beditorials with the Jaro sisters exudes a more playful and energetic vibe.

These Captures Incorporate Comfortable Mattresses as Main Staging Props: