Worth1000 Created a 'Celebrities as Classic Paintings' Photoshop Contest

 - Sep 24, 2014
References: pinterest & buzzfeed
This clever series of celebrities as classic paintings was the result of a fun Photoshop contest held by Worth1000. The ensuing entries were expertly executed. Pop culture icons of all walks of life were interpreted as Victorian counterparts including Susan Boyle, the late Robin Williams, Penelope Cruz, Rowan Atkinson and even Macaulay Culkin.

Full of rich detail and accurate features, the series of celebrities as classic paintings can be enjoyed by a wide audience. Not to mention that it could stem in some real life artworks for those who are into decorating their home with anything pop culture related. Whatever the case may be, these paintings display skill with Photoshop as well as creativity in pairing a celebrity with a Victorian scene.