From Undead Bridal Ceremonies to Vampire-Themed Fashions

 - Aug 11, 2014
Non-traditional nuptials are becoming more and more popular among couples with a flair for fantasy and these macabre weddings finds are dark and dramatic in their theme.

Standouts from this list include a number of undead wedding ceremonies and vampire-themed wedding dresses that replace the classic white gown with a black and sultry design.

Whether making sure your big day falls on the Day of the Dead or proposing to your sweetheart with a black silver engagement ring, these macabre wedding finds are all about darkly romantic imagery.

In addition to gothic gowns, Twilight-themed ceremonies and dramatic bridal adds, another favorite from this list is a DIY zombie wedding cake that boasts a terrified bride and groom who fight off a number of bloodied and undead creatures.