Marital Traditions That Are for Better or for Hearse

 - Jan 12, 2009
References: murmysmon.proboards80 & geocities
You would think that a corpse bride or death wedding theme would be the last thing you would want to do, but the prevalence in morbid wedding themes would prove you wrong. These images are all from real weddings. Cheery. And they all seem to happen around Halloween, although I suspect they would be even more random if held in the height of summer.

The most extreme version I could find is a wedding in the UK where all attendees had to wear black, and the white-faced bride Julie arrived to the nuptials in a coffin and hearse. Oh, just wait--it gets better. Then she led her husband down the aisle with a dog lead; Julie’s wedding coffin now is in her lounge room as a coffee table.

An honorable mention also should go to the zombie wedding held in Asia... Good work!