From Sushi-Themed Wedding Cakes to Sci-Fi Matrimony Desserts

 - Nov 11, 2013
A wedding ceremony is a great place to showcase your personal style, and if you're interested in displaying a bit of your eclectic taste, then these unconventional wedding cakes will certainly make your guests pleasantly perplexed.

While traditional wedding cakes often feature elegant accents and sophisticated detailing, these unconventional creations are more for brides and grooms looking to showcase their quirky and eccentric sides. Featuring creative cakes that are shaped like such things as horror movie characters, realistic reptiles and Sci-Fi spaceships, these unorthodox wedding cakes will definitely add a fun and playful touch to any ceremony.

A great way to turn an already special day into something much more personalized and unique, these unconventional wedding cakes will surely showcase just how much thought and effort you put into this customized creation.