Udderly Amazing Bakery

 - Oct 2, 2008
References: michellesugarart
This anatomically correct cow wedding cake is truly remarkable; not only is it highly detailed, but it's also life size.

About the size of a real cow, it measures 2ft wide, 4ft long, and 3ft tall. It weighs around 120 kgs and requires at least five men to transport it safely.

Baking it required more than 30 kgs of sugar paste and 15 kgs of icing sugar, which was JUST enough to cover the fruit cake base.

Other famous life-sized cakes include the bride who herself replicated, and of course the Skoda adverts.

Other full size cakes I found are of a Louis Vuitton bag, a mud cake violin & violin, an edible tire, REMARKABLE life size sleeping corgi (looks dead to me) and a Lenin Cake.