From Manly Car Creation Ads to Flatbed City Cars

 - Oct 15, 2013
If these superb Skoda sightings are your first introduction to the Czech automaker, then prepare to have your world rocked. Skoda is the company behind the manly baby stroller, the monster ice cream truck and the manliest car commercial of all time. In addition to creating cars, the company has also built energy-producing floor tiles and its cars have inspired numerous art projects.

Skoda is a smaller brand, which means that it needs to make up for its lack of size in other ways. It does this with its ingenious advertising campaigns and commercials. What other car company that you know of would promote a new model by recreating Stonehenge using its old models? Not many company's sell cars by showing men eating steel doors. Unique concept cars, art and awesome examples of advertising are just a few of the things you'll encounter when checking out all of these superb Skoda sightings.