The Marie Claire November 2011 Editorial Reminisces Timeless Beauties

Looking back at the '50s and embracing the pop stars that are still very much loved is a great way to reminisce over the past, as seen in the Marie Claire November 2011 issue. Amber Gray has captured every poise and grace that definitely revisits memory lane.

Masha P is portrayed as so many different pop stars from the '50s right through the 90s. She is styled as 1950s hippie Penelope Tree, 1980s material girl Madonna and even 1990s Courtney Love. These revamped pop star looks simply take one back to the good old days.

With a whole bunch of colors splashed onto the pages and various cuts and designs swinging by, Masha certainly brings justice to the shoot. This white, black and blonde gal has given viewers a good dose of the 'Beauty Eras Collection' in the Marie Claire November 2011 issue.