From Sassy Punk-Themed Photoshoots to Sassy Schoolgirl Ensembles

 - Jun 19, 2013
Empowering women through fashion is a fantastic way to encourage females around the globe to be more confident and strong, and these sassy female photoshoots are some great examples of models showcasing their bold and striking attitudes.

While certain magazine spreads or editorials may project models as shy and feminine, these attitude-filled spreads are showcasing just how confident these models are in showcasing their raw and unnerving personalities for the world to see. These photoshoots are all about showcasing a strong visual appearance through such aspects as facial expressions, body form and eye contact.

From sassy 70s-inspired editorials to glamorous attitude-filled spreads, these sassy female photoshoots are allowing audiences from around the globe to experience what bold and confident women look like.