The ‘Gipsy Crisis' by Diego Diaz Marin is a Sweet Sty

Glamorous captures are quite common, but a model munching on a huge chunk of delicious lobsters while keeping her charm and etiquette is rare and all the more appreciated, as seen in ‘Gipsy Crisis’ by Diego Diaz Marin.

Flirty flamenco dresses made their way into the hearts of many as model Fabiola Gomez poses, rocking a pretty pout and tousled tresses. Enjoying the glow of the summer sun and dining among the fields, Gomez looks stunning, proving that Diego sure knows how to make his viewers swoon. The kaleidoscopic image is definitely attractive in his series of bright and upbeat captures.

Be it the white flamenco dresses or the crocheted sassy tops, pieces in the shoot add a touch of rosy romance.