The Numero No 144 Bowery Girl Series is Set in the Streets of NYC

This Numero No 144 Bowery Girl editorial may be dark and grungey, but manages to tap into its girly side as well.

Shot by famed photographer Greg Kadel with Kremi Otashliyska as its angst-ridden leading lady, the photo shoot is full of a rough and tumble attitude but also has its fair share of glitter. Titled 'Bowery Girl' as an ode to the hipster-filled East Village neighbourhood in New York City, the series is shot on the streets as Kremi shows off her long legs against hard cement sidewalks and graffitied backgrounds. Kremi wears combat boots and ripped socks alongside frilly dresses and embellished gloves for the perfect balance between hard and soft.

The Numero No 144 Bowery Girl photo shoot celebrates rebellion alongside feminine mystique.