Ilse de Boer is Truly a ‘Free Spirit’ in her New Edito

Nothing says "spring" more than some comfy, earth-toned boho fashion. Harper Bazaar UK channels this naturalistic attitude in its new ‘Free Spirit’ editorial featuring model Ilse de Boer.

De Boer’s ensembles are all within an earthy color palette making them feel carefree and nature-inspired. One such ensemble consists of a khaki, army-style jacket paired with a brightly colored and patterned miniskirt and a large fabric messenger bag. The result is a boho look with a high fashion attitude.

Photographer Tom Allen also captures this boho tendency by encouraging model De Boer to hit some relaxed poses and to shy away from the unsmiling tendencies of haute couture. With these changes, De Boer looks like an average, fun-loving girl, making this editorial both eye-catching and relatable.

These clothes demonstrate a resurgence of boho fashion and hippie culture. Perhaps this isn’t the last ‘Free Spirited’-ed campaign that will appear in the market.