From Structured Cyborg Couture to Cropped Structural Fashions

 - Apr 4, 2014
Any fashionista who desires to stay ahead of the fashion craze should look no further, because these structural fashion styles are offering some sleek futuristic looks that are sure to add some out of this world features to any ordinary wardrobe.

Moving beyond simple aesthetic appeal, designers are opting for geometric shapes and three-dimensional features to add more depth to their clothing designs. By adding distinct structural shapes to ordinary apparel, designers are able to enhance collections with Sci-Fi references and abstract influences, bringing fashion to an eccentric new level. From oversized corset-inspired frocks to sharply structured dresses, these abstract fashion styles are serving to bring an artistically unique element to the runway.

Perfect for those who are attracted to outside the box concepts, these structural fashion designs will surely have fashionistas craving a closer look.