The AnOther Autumn 2013 Spread is Shockingly Grungy

The AnOther Autumn 2013 editorial is a strange mix of styles, all accompanied by a cityscape in the background.

Aside from the overarching grunge theme, it would be difficult to pin-point one style that is showcased in this spread. There is an eclectic mix of clothing that is all tied together by matching hair and makeup. The stylist has purposely made it difficult to determine who is male and who is female, and this adds another strange element to the photos.

Models are wearing frilly platform shoes, oversized jackets, structured blazers and centaur-inspired corset pants. There is even a male model who is in a layered, 20th Century dress.

The AnOther Autumn 2013 editorial is one of the most interesting spreads I've seen, and the images that were created won't soon be forgotten.