'Shed Me Clothes' Require Less Laundering & Reduce Waste

 - Jan 25, 2012
References: shedmeclothes & psfk
Katie Ledger, a student at the London College of Art, has created a unique concept called 'Shed Me Clothes' to help combat the issue of environmental waste and energy consumption.

Her Shed Me Clothes project is based on creating fashion that can "molt" -- much like how a snake sheds its skin -- so that the garment itself requires less laundering and therefore less energy use. The sustainable clothing, which Ledger has split into three collections (for example, one collection has garments that change style every time a layer is shed), comprises many layers of natural fiber fabric. The fabric is knitted together using PVA yarn, a material that is flexible, non-toxic and water soluble, describes the designer. To make your clothing shed its layers, you spray the top layer with water, which will spread throughout the yarn and make it dissolve. You can then peel off the top layer and compost it.