Rayon Clothing is an Appealing Alternative to Cotton and Synthetics

 - Sep 30, 2011
References: lenzing & treehugger
Thanks to a complex cellulose fiber that helps fabricate "rayon clothing," cotton and the polymer synthetics we normally use as textiles may become a shrinking element of the past.

Cotton may feel outstanding to the touch, but the Earth may have to disagree with its production methods; particularly those that devour water, deploy pesticides and nudge out foodstuffs for farming space. Suffice it to say, that the clothing industry is hard-pressed to find a sustainable alternative. Enter rayon clothing: a breathable, absorbent textile that requires zero pesticides, doesn't compete with food crops and is ultimately more suited to the planet's varied climates. The cherry on the sundae comes with the realization that producing rayon doesn't consume all of the tree's resources, leaving the energy-rich lignin to provide power to the entire operation.

What rayon clothing represents is a closed system of clothing production that is far less harmful and more sustainable in the long-term, the feeling of rayon may become an everyday sensation.