- Nov 16, 2014
These hip hop fan gifts are designed with the avid music lover in mind. If you're a fan of hip hop icons like Tupac and Biggie, you'll love the countless range of products that pay tribute to the fallen stars. From suede slippers to printed statement tees, Tupac and Biggie live on as icons that continue to influence young generations.

In addition to the dynamic duo, these hip hop fan gifts also celebrate younger and more current names like Drake and Kanye West. Whether you're a fan of Kanye-clad tees or Drake-covered socks, you're sure to find something worth buying this holiday season.

These hip hop fan gifts are fun and pop-culture themed. In addition to fashion items and accessories, they also include custom art pieces, card games and even lollipop confections that will satisfy one's sweet tooth.

These Hip Hop Fan Gifts Celebrate Classic and Current Rappers: