Drake's YOLO Fail and Jay-Z's Awkward Dive are Now On Polo Shirts

Designer Joseph Evans has taken advantage of a lucrative niche market in creating a series of rapper fail meme polos. At the current moment, the collection comprises of Miguel's head dive moment on a fan, Jay-Z's awkward swan dive, and Drake's fashion fail, which exploded on the Internet over the past month.

The first polo features singer Miguel after performing a wild leg-drop on a fan during a concert. The second features a snapshot of Roc Nation founder Jay-Z diving into the ocean during his vacation in Italy. Lastly is a snapshot of Drake fully sporting a Dada outfit in his music video 'No New Friends.' These three images became incredibly popular online and are now featured on three uniquely colored polos.

Each graphic is intricately stitched and colored, and the polos appear to be standard three-buttoned shirts. At $25 each, these polos seem like a steal for the laughs that will inevitably ensue upon wearing the garment.