Inaugural 'Hip Hop's Crown Jewels' Auction

Pioneering a new collecting category, the first auction of historic hip-hop jewelry, dubbed "Hip Hop's Crown Jewels," will be held in New York next month. The auction will include iconic cultural pieces worn by some of the 20th century’s most influential hip hop artists.

Over 70 pieces will be offered from some of hip hop's most illustrious musicians, rappers and jewelers. Highlights include Lil Jon's "Crunk Ain't Dead" diamond pendant and necklace, Slick Rick's diamond-studded eye patch, Tupac Shakur's Mob ring, his crown ring and more; 50 Cent's diamond Haimov watch, MC Lyte's Nefertiti Ring and Nefertiti Necklace, Missy Elliot's diamond turntable ring, and much more.

A portion of auction proceeds will be donated to various charity organizations.