From Eco-Friendly Parking Garages to Super-Stacked Car Parks

 - Dec 19, 2012
Where you park your car has evolved from soul-less concrete tombs to eco-friendly parking garages and design-savvy car parks with personality.

Parking garages used to be places that conjured up fear. Dimly lit, they often conveyed a feeling of isolation and the potential for danger seemed high. However, these days there are all kinds of parking garages that blow this old view out of the water.

Eco-friendly parking garages are one kind of car park that tries to make up for the emissions caused by all the cars that park in them. For instance, there is the solar parking garage that uses solar panels on its roof to generate energy.

There is also movement toward making parking garages more visually appealing, as is the case with Eleven Eleven. This parking garage actually includes industrial art in the walkways and stairwells.