The Don't Drake & Drive Shirt Keeps Your Safety in Mind

 - Oct 17, 2014
References: nalalosangeles & shop.nylon
The Don't Drake & Drive sweater by Nala Los Angeles offers some very good advice.

The Canadian rapper is known for his hyper-emotional lyrics lamenting lost love, jealousy and betrayal. Some of these lyrics are bound to hit close to home. I mean, is it even possible to listen to a Drake song without thinking of your ex? And your ex is definitely not someone you should be thinking of while you're behind the wheel. You're bound to get tearful -- or angry -- and neither emotion is conducive to road safety.

Drake is one of those artists who is best enjoyed curled up in bed, with a glass of wine by your side and your ex's new girlfriend's Facebook profile open in front of you. So safety first! Don't Drake and Drive.