M.O.C. Garments Are Swen with a Subtle Sad Kanye on Them

Over the last couple of weeks, "Sad Kanye" has been photoshopped into all kinds of hilarious scenarios, and now, you can buy a polo shirt and other accessories that have been embroidered with Sad Kanye from M.O.C. The M.O.C. brand has previously capitalized on other rapper fails and awkward moments, like when Pharrell wore that gigantic hat to the Grammy's and Jay Z-Diving.

Sad Kanye originally came out of a picture taken on a zip-lining site (hence the red helmet) and Kanye is shown sulking in the background while his wife, Kim Kardashian poses smiling with another dude. M.O.C. offers a ton of different, but equally amusing ways to wear Sad Kanye, including beanies, bucket hats and long sleeve tees.