The Wearable Solar Project Explores the Use of Flexible Solar Cells

 - Jun 26, 2013
References: & dvice
Clothing may already serve a very practical purpose by shielding people from the sometimes harsh elements, but the Wearable Solar project hopes to enhance their function even more. Wearable Solar explores ways to embed flexible solar cells into fabrics in order to make the wearer a walking power plant. By doing so, they will be able to charge the growing amount of devices that they carry around on a daily basis.

Led by Christiaan Holland and Pauline van Dongen in collaboration with a team of researchers, the Wearable Solar project revolves around a suit design that some may liken to a futuristic samurai outfit. At least, with the shoulder flaps are left open. It is when they are open that the solar panels are exposed to the sun and energy is harnessed.